The activist demanded to ban sports betting in Rhode Island

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Lawyer Daniel Harrop sued Rhode Island. An activist intends to ban sports betting because he believes their legalization unconstitutional.

The activist demanded to ban sports betting in Rhode Island

A claim supported by lawyer Joe Harrop Larissa and former chairman of the Republican Party in Rhode Island Brandon Bell. They note that the state constitution requires voter approval for any expansion of the gambling industry.

“What is good about breaking the constitution?” Harrop asks.

Their opponents from the Democratic Party say that voters have already approved the legalization of gambling on the territory of local casinos in 2016. Senator Dominick Ruggerio believes that sports betting also falls under the concept of "gambling".

In March, the Democrats were able to promote a bill that legalizes online betting. The document has already obtained the signature of the governor, and should come into force by the end of summer. At the moment, residents of the state can only bet in two casinos.

Earlier we said that in Louisiana they could legalize sports betting. The relevant bill is already pending in the State House of Representatives.

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