Tennessee legalized sports betting

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Tennessee Governor Bill Lee missed a bill on the legalization of sports betting. Previously, the document was approved by the State House of Representatives.

Tennessee legalized sports betting

The bill allows state residents to place bets at online casinos and betting offices. At the same time the traditional sports betting in all gambling establishments will also remain banned.

The governor explained that he did not plan to legalize betting, but listened to the views of senators. Despite the fact that the head of state left the document unsigned, he did not use the right of veto, so the bill automatically entered into force.

“The governor said that he did not consider the expansion of the gambling industry a good solution, but acknowledged that many in the legislature considered this a matter that requires further study,” explained Secretary Lee.

Licensed bookmakers will be subject to a 10 percent tax. Lawmakers believe that this will bring additional revenues of $50 million per year to the state budget. The funds raised will be used to finance education and treatment of people who are ill.

Indiana may become the next US state to legalize sports betting. Earlier, the State House of Representatives approved the relevant bill.

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