Montana legalized sports betting

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Montana Governor Steve Bullock signed a bill to legalize betting. This was reported by AP.

Montana legalized sports betting

The document implies the creation of the state system of control over the rates. It will allow licensed bars and restaurants to install special kiosks, as well as to produce mobile applications for betting. However, online betting will remain banned.

The new law has entered into force, but the system will be betting in the state only in the autumn, at the beginning of the football season. It is assumed that in 2019, people will put about $ 67 million, which will bring to the state budget $3.7 million of tax revenues. In addition, the executive director of the Montana association taverns John Iverson believes that the bars and restaurants will be able to earn extra income from the influx of players.

“A great day for Montana to bring sports betting to the market.” I hope that the Montarans will enjoy not only sports but also bets on them, ”said Ryan Lynch, author of the bill on the legalization of bets.

Earlier it became known about the legalization of betting in Tennessee. Residents of the state will be able to bet online.

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