In Louisiana can legalize sports betting

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The Senate of Louisiana put forward a bill on the legalization of sports betting. At the moment, the document is under consideration in the House of Representatives of the state.

In Louisiana can legalize sports betting

The draft law “On control over sports betting” will allow to legalize betting on the territory of licensed casinos and racetracks. Online bets will still be banned, but players will be able to use smartphones for mobile betting in the territory of legal gambling establishments.

Council regulation of the industry will control the gambling business Louisiana. Bookmakers will pay a 12 percent income tax, as well as allocate 1% of their income to the state fund to combat gambling addiction. In addition, every five market participants will have to pay the state $100 thousand for the renewal of the license for sports betting.

The author of the bill believes that the legalization of betting will bring more tax revenues to the state budget. For the document to take effect, it must be approved by the House of Representatives and the Governor.

Given that US residents spend about $150 billion annually in underground bookmakers, many US states have embarked on the path of legalizing betting. So, earlier with the similar initiative the Indiana House of Representatives came out, which approved the bill on sports betting.

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