An American senator suggested that we equate lootboxes with gambling

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American senator from Missouri Josh Hawley proposed to ban lootboxes and microtransactions with the model of pay-to-win in games with a rating below 18+. The legislator introduced in the USА Senate bill "On the protection of children from unscrupulous mechanic in games."

An American senator suggested that we equate lootboxes with gambling

The senator believes that lootboxes are a form of gambling and allow developers to preying on underage players. It is expected that the new law will apply to all games that allow you to obtain a competitive advantage for the money.

“When the game is intended for children, developers should not be allowed to monetize addiction. When children play games designed for adults, they must be protected from intrusive microtransactions. Game developers deliberately exploit children must be legally responsible ", - said Hawley.

In the meantime, the American Software Development Association said that lootboxes are no longer considered gambling in many countries, including the UK, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Sweden and Denmark.

"We look forward to the opportunity to share with the senator the tools and information that already exist in the industry, and which allow you to control expenses in the game by the hands of parents," representatives of the association explained.

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